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Modern Logistics for Today’s World

SÜD-LOG s.r.o. has entered the stage of modern business with the aim of bridging traditional personal approach with innovative technologies in the transportation sector. Our vision is clear: to bring a fresh dose of efficiency and reliability to logistics, while also keeping sustainability and environmental protection in mind.

Our Mission

There’s no longer a need for compromises between tradition and innovation.
SÜD-LOG combines the best elements of both worlds. With our modern practices and technologies, we offer you not only absolute reliability but also care for the environment and health. We are proud to bring a new standard of logistics to your business.


Experience: With over 25 years of experience in international and domestic transportation, we are your reliable partner.

Flexibility: Whether it’s a truck, ship, or airplane – regardless of the mode, we will provide you with the optimal solution.

Sustainability: We are committed to environmental protection and your health. Our services are planet-friendly.


International Transport: Connected to the global market through our wide network of partners.

Domestic Distribution: Fast and reliable delivery across the entire territory of the Czech Republic.

Customized Logistic Solutions: Your needs are our top priority. We will propose tailored solutions for you.

Our services


Sea freight transport

Marine freight transport, also known as sea transport is one of the longest established forms of transportation of goods at international level. It is also one of the most economical means of transport consignments. While air freight is preferred for time-sensitive shipments, shipping is still the first choice for many businesses and individuals looking for cost-effective solutions.


Road transport

We offer a pan-European groupage service network, inc. a partial loading system (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) through a network of reliable partners. All our partners and suppliers of transport services are vetted long-term cooperation, which allows us to offer our clients without compromising service. Our entire road transport system is based on the "door-door" system.


Air transport

Air freight is one of the basic elements of any international logistics network. If it is necessary to deliver the shipment in a limited time, then air transport may be the right choice. Our company has a wide network of international partners and offers its customers flexibility regarding the types of services that are available within the air freight. Try us!

Another services

Our clients often entrust us with particularly complex transport activities, for example because the dimensions of the transported goods are too large and it is necessary to carefully plan the journey from the warehouse to the place of departure (logistics center, airport, port, railway station). These are not always "standard" or "traditional" consignments, transported by ordinary truck, container or air pallet. In many cases, shipping costs may be higher than shipping costs. We use our expertise in the planning and implementation of this type of service to provide clients with the best available solution on the market.

  • Customs services
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Project solutions
  • Additional services

Customs services

One of our services is the ability to represent the client in customs procedures (direct and indirect) related to the import and export of goods. If necessary, we will arrange imports and exports of piece, truck and container shipments for free circulation up to complex customs cases. Thanks to rich experience in the field and strong partners, we can handle anything.


Warehousing and logistics

In cooperation with our domestic and foreign partners we offer storage options in round the year tempered warehouses, warehouse management and additional services such as sorting, packaging, assembly and labeling of consignments. Distribution of warehouse goods to end customers and creation of an optimal solution are also services you can fully rely on.


Project solutions

SÜD-LOG designs and provides its clients with solutions to optimize the logistics chain using state-of-the-art logistics processes, focusing on three main goals: quality, cost and schedule. Our clients include: small and large companies, industrial consortia and individuals. No project is too big or too small for us to handle. We always have a solution!


Additional services

Within provide additional services eg. Service insurance packages ( “All Risks”), where based on an analysis of insurance risks will recommend to the client the best solution and if necessary, arrange for and issuing insurance certificates. Our supplementary insurance also includes risks such as embezzlement, insurance of inventory differences, gross negligence and intent.

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