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Marine industry expect major changes

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  • 13 December 2018

Marine industry expect major changes


The shipbuilding industry is facing significant changes: from 1 January 2020, ships can only use fuels with a maximum sulfur content of 0.5%. The current standard is fuels with an upper sulfur limit of 3.5%. The so-called IMO 2020 Regulation is the first in a series of measures by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) aimed at reducing marine pollution. The use of low-sulfur fuel will be a key transport solution that meets the IMO 2020 target. In the short term, it is a more environmentally friendly solution.

The introduction of this regulation will significantly improve the environmental footprint of industry. Assuming a price difference (0.5 percent LSFO) of about $ 250 per tonne between heavy fuel oil (HSFO) and low sulfur fuel by 2020, shipowners expect additional costs of about $ 1 billion in the first years. .